Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Last days, you give me a heartbreaks. My hearts crys, After You think I am girl cheap and no dignity. Deep inside my hearts, Just Allah S.W.T can know it. How much it feels, On that time just Allah can help me. Alhamdulillah, be grateful to you Allah. You're helping me and I find the right way. You give me a spirit to life with many trials. Even many people thinking that Im such a bad girl. But I know , I'm not that kind of person.

And last night, You give me spirit to fall in love with you again? Hrm, that was a hard questions for me. Even my hearts still open for you, but Im just need a time. That's not mean that I have someone else but I just need a time because I have many problem that I have to settle it. You don't worries because deep inside my heart it just only you and you. I love you that alls that I can describes its right now. -I'm smile Today :)-

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Suka? Like sahaja okay ◕‿◕

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