Tuesday, 1 November 2011

All my life getting happiness when I meet a persons thats always give me a spirit t life, But now he give me a hatred. Now, In my life I was zero. No more laughing with friends. Everday past wih a suck days! Who cares about me now, People alwasy thinking that Im so bad. Im such a bitch, dear god give me a spirit to life. I wish I could, But. People who I love before thinking that im a bad person. How much that can I bear the shame. And I know , I always makes a problem. But im know that i came from a good family.

Im sorry because i always hurts you. Im sorry that i cannot be a perfect ones for you. Sorry for everthing. You'll find a better one, And i wish it. GoodLuck Spm, All the best. I always pray for you. And that alls before i go from your life , Take a good care friends :) /a>" />

Suka? Like sahaja okay ◕‿◕

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