Tuesday, 15 November 2011

As time went on without me knowing it. what I do now again the next day, the day the same thing again today. go to school then back to the house, eats and sleeps. The same thing. 360/366 days to repeat the same thing, very boring. why do life is too boring, but I'm still thankful that up to this day I still have breath. What a loss if the time to go without making a useful thing. is the best use of time as possible because it is the gift from God, all humans have 24 hours of no more or no less.

For some things that happened is not easy for us to forget, is not easy. It takes too much time, and at the same time we try to fix it. Forget what people talk about us, our life is determined not to specify others. We have two choices in life, the right way and wrong way. As humans, no one is perfect. We can not run away with making mistakes, it is a challenge for us. Take it all as a very strong challenge to go through, and do not worry that one day the happiness that awaits.

True love waiting for us in the future. Ignore all now, search for it later when the appropriate time. sometimes we too ignore the living, we are looking for true love in the age that have not yet matured. Life is so, we forget ourselves. Life must go on even though our lives over to the good and bad news. Go go go, do not easily give up. /a>" />

Suka? Like sahaja okay ◕‿◕

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